• Imthira Onkam


archaeological site, istorical tourist site, Muang Dong Lakorn.


The purpose of this article was to study from review of literature and conduct
a field study in the archaeological, historical attraction site at “Dong Lakorn Ancient City” which places in Amphoe Dong Lakorn, Nakhon Nayok Province. The fine arts department had records that “Dong Lakorn Ancient City” was a city founded during a Dhavaravati Kingdom (14-18 Buddhist Era). Dong Lakorn Ancient City was built by an ancient Khmer King. From archaeologist records, it was assumed Dong Lakorn Ancient city had routes for merchant seamen and merchants from nearby cities such as the city around Bang Pakong River. But later, when Dong Lakorn Ancient city diverted merchant routes, citizens moved out of the city and abandoned it, like the present. The Fine Arts Department recorded Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn visiting Dong Lakorn Ancient City. Her Royal Highness ordered the development of this place to be an archaeological place for academic students and economic development by cooperating with villagers to reform this place to be a historical learning site by decorating it with knowledge posters for tourists, and to make a bike path for traveling and learning history. The Fine Arts department published a rule to prohibit modification of the area by villagers, because this place is an archaeological site. This had the effect to decrease the number of tourists. However, The Dong Lakorn Ancient City is an invaluable historical site to people who are interested in it.


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