Efficiency Optimization for the ABC Customer Shuttle Transportation Service


  • วทัญญู ชูภักตร์


Backhaul Management, Transportation Planning


This study aimed to study the process of the old and new customer shuttle
transportation service system of ABC by interviewing and informally observing the
company staff. The company staff to be interviewed and informally observed was
Department Manager, Control Manager, Operation and Administration staff, and driver.
Questionnaires were also distributed to customers using the service; in addition,
primary and secondary data were collected from various sources that were inside and
outside the organization.
The study revealed that, after implementing the management system for
Backhaul: routing vehicle operation by identifying clear transporting routes, the
Customer Shuttle Transportation Service was more effective; the continuation of trip
reduced customer waiting time, and the service utilization increased twice. The
identification of stop point for return trip quickly responded to the customers’
demands. The application of the transportation management system helped reduce
the route length and fuel used; as a result, the company transportation cost was
reduced. Additionally, according to the questionnaire respondent submitted by
customers who used the free tourist shuttle service from November 2013 – January
2014, the customers were satisfied with the convenience, vehicle condition, courtesy
of driver, and safety service. The ones who most required improvement were the
courtesy of the driver and the vehicle condition. This satisfactory service studied by the
researcher could help organizations and agencies responsible in this regard by applying
the information for improvement of customer relationships to be able to fully facilitate
the customers.


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