A Holistic Approach to Early Childhood Educational Management in Muangkhong District Municipal Anuban School: Participatory Action Research


  • นิรันดร์ เนตรภักดี


Early Childhood, Holistic Approach, Participatory Action Research.


The objective of this research were to study: 1) the former and present
conditions, problems, expectations, possible alternative solutions to solve problems or
achieve expectations, and the choices made in formulating an action plan for early
childhood educational management at the Muangkhong District Municipal Anuban
school; 2) the phenomena changes, learning by doing at the individual, group and
organization level, and new knowledge created both by the action plan (main
intervention) and the holistic approach (additional intervention) within the two cycles
of the spiral participatory action research methodology. Research participants consisted
of 65 stakeholders affiliated with the Muangkhong Distict Municipal AnubanSchool.
Research instruments included an observation form, in-depth interview, and document
The research findings were as follows: 1) Muangkhong District Municipal
Anuban School was established by the new policy of Muangkhong Distict Municipal
administrators to lighten the burden of parents in raising children. The implementation
of education management complied with early childhood education standard
management, there were the educational factor, educational process and educational
productivity. However, there were several standard assessments, in less than "very
good" levels. Therefore the researcher and co-researcher performed the projects to
solve the problems together, including 3 projects: (1) enhancing educational factor
project; (2) enhancing educational process project; and (3) enhancing the standards of
educational productivity project. 2) The phenomenon of the performance showed that
early childhood education management was clearly appropriate in accordance with the
standards of early childhood education. As a result, Muangkhong District Municipal
Anuban School had results of quality assessment is according to standards of internal
quality assurance, with "very good" levels to all standards. 3) Knowledge was gained
from these changes. At the personal level, there were responsibility, commitment, and

dedication to work, and learning. At the group level, there were love, unity, supporting,
sharing, teamwork, corroboration, solving the problems together, and leadership.
Finally, at the organizational level, there were a warm and trust climate of
management, shared vision, and more transparency in the education management.


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