An Online Control System for Internal Quality Assurance in a Program Level: A Case Study in the Faculty of Management Science of Rambhai Barni Rajabhat University


  • อนุพล สิงขรเขตต์
  • เปรมปรีดา ทองลา
  • ปัชญาภรณ์ เธียรประดิษฐ์
  • รัตน์ฟ้า เภกะสุต


internal quality assurance in program level, information system.


The objectives of this research were to develop, and study the effectiveness of
the information system for controlling internal quality assurance, and to study the user
satisfaction of the system. The developed system was capable of storing internal
quality assurance report data, tracking internal quality assurance report progress in the
program levels and the faculty level. The development process was applied from the
ADDIE Model which was composed of five phases: analysis, design, development,
implementation and evaluation. The system was developed by using PHP, MySQL, and
php My Admin under the server environment simulated for Microsoft Windows 7. The
statistical tools used in this research were effectiveness evaluation forms from three
experts, and user satisfaction forms from twenty users. The results indicated that the
system gained effectiveness at a high level ( =4.42) and the users were satisfied the
system was at the highest level( =4.62). This concluded that the system developed
was capable of controlling internal quality assurance.


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