The Study of Naming Method following the Believes of Horoscope Theory


  • สวพร บุญญผลานันท์
  • สิริวรรณ นันทจันทูล
  • สุรสิทธิ์ ไทยรัตน์


Naming, Horoscope, Believes, Human, Man, Women


"Name" indicates person animal and everything in this world, all have own
names. This is to demonstrate the feauture, which is different from each other, to
show one self, habit, including specific being. For Thai people, name is so important to
the way of life, long time ago. This research study tactic of naming, follow the believes
of Thaksapagorn theory. Sample of study is the list of names appear in Thaksapagorn
textbook, total 5 books. By studying specific names of both male and female born on
Sunday, total random of 2,164 names. Found that people who were born on Sunday
favour on Power Alphabet in front of. For female, most favourite alphabet is Diligent
using in front of. Not found evil alphabets in front of name of both male's and
female's. Most alphabets found using in naming are Follower alphabets in front
name. This depends on which direction want to name to. Or using more than one
alphabet without Evil alphabets, in order to support the name meaning of Luck.


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