Identity “Suan Sunandha” and souvenir design for Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University


  • นวภรณ์ ศรีสราญกุลวงศ์


the identity, Suan Sunandha, souvenir design


This research objective aimed to study the identity of “Suan Sunandha” and the product design of the university. According to the concept of creative economics focusing on producing creative products which is the main capital in production process, the thought behind the project is differently from other product design works by preserving the identity of Suan Sunandha and balancing the value and the capital in production. De’coupage technique was chosen to use in the research to produce craft products which can be use in small or massive scale.

The scope of the research consists of 3 sets of souvenir product design which has 10 pieces of works. The research methodology combined both the documentary research and
the field research related to the project .From the result of the research found that The queen Sunandha picture, patterns from the palace in Suan Sunandha , “ส” which is the abbreviation of the queen’s name , the King Rama thenineth’s emblem and Kaewjuawjom flower are the true indentity of the university. Through the process of redesigning the souvenirs, the research gave the other choice to students and staffs in chosing the product design which represents true identity of Suan Sunandha.


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