The Development of Lai Kanok from the past to the present through multimedia


  • ฟาริดา วิรุฬหผล


Kanok, Lai thai, 3D, development


This research objective aimed to study about the development of Lai Kanok, Thai traditional pattern which has been used in Thai architecture and painting since the ancient time.The project focused on Rattanakosin era by using 3 dimensions multimedia to describe the development of Lai Kanok in each timeline of Thai history.This method is better than describing the development with literature research only.
The result of the research found that Lai Kanok which is the foundation of Thai art has a long history of development since the stone era when human still scratched pictures of animals and plants on cave walls.
Not until the budhism arrived to south-east Asia that the cave pictures became develop to Lai Kanok which has been used in Budhist art to the present.Not only the budhism art alone that has influeced to Thai art but also Indian, Burmese, Indonisian, Chinese, Vietnames and Cambodian art which seeped through Thailand by warfare, diplomacy and international trading.By adopting all style of art and combining
with Thai culture, Lai Kanok have been developing a unique style which different from other countries.

In Ayuthaya era, Lai Kanok had started to have the fix pattern which became the standard of Lai Kanok in the present.

In Rattanakosin era, Lai Kanok from Ayuthaya was passed down from old generation to new generation of craftmen.For this reason; most of Lai Kanok in temples is similar from Ayuthaya.

When King Rama the third enthroned, Thailand and China had very strong relationship through trading.Chinese art started to have more influenced to Thai art.Manychinesecraftmen and artists were hired to build temples with Thai craftmen.The exchange of knowledge between the craftmen developed new style of Thai Kanok.

From King Rama the fourth’s era to the present, western culture has very strong impact on Thailand.LaiKanok has been reduced its complexity to the simplicity of modern western art until now.


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