“Himmapan Creatures” the Tactile Texture Designed for the Blind


  • จันทนา อินสระ


Blind, Tactile Texture, Himmapan Creatures


The main purpose of this research aimed to create tactile texture designed media for the blind used for extra learning outside classrooms in order to enhance imagination of the blind about Himmapan creatures, furthermore, the main objective of the research focused on improving the visual disabled perception to be equal to normal people.The target group of the research is blinded students studying in The Bangkok school for the blindbetween grade 4-6in the second semester of 2011 who are able to read the braille language. The research methodology consisted of the field study and the documentary study related to the blind, tactile texture designed media and Himmapan creatures. 10 pictures oftactile texture designed mediawere created in the designing process which began after the analysis had conducted based the primary and secondary data.The works had presented to experts in the visual disabled field who evaluated the works.Afterapproval,the works used as prototype to teach the blind.

The result of the research
Himmapan creatures using as the prototype should be the creatures which the blind are familiar with in order to associate the primary knowledge and the new knowledge of Himmapan
easier such as Kinna Norn, Kinnaree, Naga and garuda.
Without braille language, the tactile texture
designed media only are not enough to enhance experience of learning.For this reason, this project was combined the tactile texture designed media with braille code.
From the observation, the target group was satisfied with the research and paid great attention to tactile texture designed media. The participants were enthusiatic to ask questions and presented opinions through the research.They also suggested that there should have moretactile texturedesigned media to open new perception for the blind in various subjects.



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