The Factors Influencing Performance of the Academic Personnels in Rajabhat Universities


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Factors, Human Resource Developmental Activities, Influence, Leadership, Organizational Culture, Rajabhat Universities, Working Performance


The objectives of this study: 1. Evaluate
working performance of academic personnel’s in
Rajabhat Universities. 2. Examine variables affecting
the performance of the academic personnel’s in
Rajabhat Universities. 3. Define a prediction
equation of the variables affecting the
performance of the academic personnel’s in
Rajabhat Universities by using quantitative research
The sample consisted of 390 academic pers
onnel’s from Rajabhat Universities drawn by two-stage
sampling which, in the study, referred to the methods
of simple random sampling mixed with proportional
allocation. Statistical data analysis was conducted by
measuring frequency, percentage, standard
deviation as well as multiple regression analysis.
The findings revealed as follows:
1. The performance of the academic
personnel’s in Rajabhat Universities was found at high

level overall, but foremost was behaviors and then
was outcomes.
2. In regard to the variables affecting working
performance of academic personnel’s In Rajabhat
Universities, which included leadership, organizational
culture, and human resource developmental activities,
it was found that they had positive correlation with the
academic personnel’s’ working performance with
statistical significance (p<.05>). The coefficient of the
multiple correlations was .743 and the square of the
multiple correlation coefficients was .552, which could
denote that those three variables were correlatively
able to predict the working performance of the
academic personnel’s in Rajabhat Universities at
55.20percent with standard error of prediction at 41.8
3. The result of the prediction equation in
raw score form and standard errors were shown
as follows:
 ˆ
= .622 + .382 (leadership) + .415
(organizational culture) + .171
(human resource developmental
 = .212 (leadership) + .522
(organizational culture) + .150
(human resource developmental


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