The Decision Making Using the Services of Accounting Firms For Limited Companies in Suratthani


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Accounting Firm, Decision Making, Limited Companies, Services of Accounting


The objectives of this study were to study the
levels of importance of marketing mix and the
relationships between marketing mix and
decision making to choose the services of
accounting firms for limited companies in
Suratthani; 380 limited companies are registered
on the Office of Suratthani Business
Development which was collected through the
use of questionnaires. Basic statistics were used
for analysis namely Mean and Standard
Deviation; while Chi-Square test was employed
to exam data comparison. As a result of study
found that the use of the services of accounting
firms in terms of the pattern of services was the
monthly and annual services of accounting
preparation as entrepreneurs have not had
accounting knowledge.
The service quality and reliability of
accounting preparation was also considered by
self-entrepreneurs to choose those services as
well as accounting firms will mostly obtain
monthly service fees among 2,001 Thai Baht to
3,000 Thai Baht. At the same time, employees,

physical environment, service procedures,
products/services, service routes, prices, and
marketing promotion were the marketing mix
which was the most important to decide using
the services of accounting firms as well.
Furthermore the decision making of these
companies to use the services of accounting
firms in Suratthani has together had the positive
relationships with the marking mix at significance
level of 0.05. Suggestions accounting office
should give priority to small businesses first.
According to the needs of each business; focusing
on the development of consulting service,
Entrepreneurs will ultimately decide the
Accounting office service quality;in order to cover
the accounting services and increased market
sharesfor small and medium-sized accounting
firms for limited companies in Suratthani.


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