Event Marketing Communication and Consumer Behavior : A Case Study of The Mall Department Stores in Bangkok Metropolis


  • สิรภพ ตรีรัตน์
  • ปิยฉัตร ล้อมชวการ
  • กมลรัฐ อินทรทัศน์


Event marketing, Consumer behavior, department store


These research objectives were to study consumers demographic who visit The Mall department store, event marketing toward visiting The Mall department store, and consumer behavior to participate event marketing at The Mall department store in Bangkok metropolis. The sample consisted of 400 respondents who visit The Mall department store in Bangkok metropolis; collect data by questionnaire. Research finding were as follows; (1) respondents are male and female, 21-30 years old, single status, bachelor’s degree, private company, and have salary income 10,001 – 20,000 baht. (2) most of respondents have participate in technology activities, follow by entertainment activities. (3) most of respondents visit at Saturday by themselves and come to The Mall department store by their car. The most important reason to participate in event marketing is discount and expected to get entertain by those events. Besides, most respondent receive information about event marketing from television. (4) hypothesis test found that, respondent who have age below 30 years old, single status, student, and has salary income less than 10,000 baht, will participate in event marketing frequently more than others group.


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