Educational Administrative Factor Affecting on Student’s Behavior of Basic School under Bangkok Metropolitan Administration


  • พระมหาสุเธียร์ คง
  • สุดาวรรณ สมใจ
  • ศิรวิทย์ กุลโรจนภัทร


academic administration, budget administration, personnel administration, general administration student’s behavior


The purposes of this research were to study the state of educational administration factors and student behavior in basic schools under Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and the educational administration factors affecting on student Behavior in Bangkok Metropolitan Schools. It was mixed research. The quantitative research tools was questionnaire on 209 simple sampling, the statistic was the percentage, mean, standard deviation and path analysis, qualitative research tools was deep interview with 5 selected sampling, data analysis was content analysis. The findings of this research showed that 1) the circumstance of educational administration which academic administration on classroom action research was most important, teaching and community academic service, the personnel administration on teacher was most important, non-teaching staff and school worker, the budget administration on budget approval and budget execution was most important, budget preparation, the general administration on cooperation development was most important and the evaluation, the student’s behavior on honesty was most important, public mind, discipline, eager of learning and sufficiency 2) academic administration and general administration had direct effected while personnel administration and budget administration had indirect effected on student’s behavior. This research offered contributions which classroom action research, teacher, budget approval and execution and cooperation development were imperative to sustainable development. Administrator should set a vision, operating sheet in educational administration to enhance students' behavior for getting high performance of education.


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