The Behavior and Factor in Using Digital Media for Marketing that Effect the Tourists of Cultural in Suan Dusit Area

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Keywords: Digital Marketing, Cultural Tourism


The research on “The Behavior and Factor in Using Digital Media for Marketing that Effect the Tourists of Cultural in Suan Dusit Area” has objectives to study the behavior of using digital media marketing in the cultural tourism of the tourists, and digital media marketing which affect to behavior of the tourists in the cultural tourism. The population is the tourists in Suan Dusit area for 400 persons. The research tools for collecting data are analysis of questionnaires to prove the hypothesis with the statics F-test and T-test, correlation analysis, and the qualitative research. The research result is most of tourists are teenagers to middle age which are the generation Z and M (Millennial). The tourists can access to tourism information by social media/ digital media. The behavior in the using of digital media marketing in the cultural tourism of tourists was found that respondents have various purposes for using digital media and with more than one way, but most of them used the online public relation media, online advertising, online sales promotion, respectively. The entrepreneurs developed the online service for tourism service, includes information which is communicated through the Digital Application which are the Integrated Marketing Communication. The hypothesis testing was found that all factors of digital media marketing are related to the decision behavior of the tourists for the cultural tourism with positive correlation of 99 percent of confidential level. Moreover, the opinions on the factors of digital media marketing of tourists in each aspect (gender, income, education) is indifferent except for some factors, such as personal factor or employees factor of tourists at the different income levels which are statistically significant with 95 percent confidential level.


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