Guidelines for Developing Professional Television Moderator Competency in Thailand

  • เขมนิจ จามิกรณ์
  • Ekkasit Sanamthong
  • Ittipaat Suwathanpornkul
  • Duangduen Chancharoen
Keywords: Competency, television moderator, professional television moderator, Thailand


This research was aimed at studying guidelines for developing professional television moderator competency in Thailand with the following objectives Elevate to professionals and To assess guidelines for developing The study combined the use of qualitative and quantitative instruments divided into the following three steps Study competence from data in documents, concepts, theories and related studies to determine questionnaire structure; Create guidelines for developing television by conducting in-depth interviews with 28 key informants; and Assess guidelines for developing television moderator competency using focus groups and content analysis. The findings revealed the following: Professional television moderator competency of the following: skills and Appropriate personality skills; Guidelines for developing professional television consisted of the following: Knowledge about professional television Professional television moderator competency skills; and Professional television moderator attitudes.



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