Royal Thai Police Human Resource Development Strategy

  • ศักดิ์สุนทร เปรมานนท์
  • Ekkasit Sanamthong
  • Ittipaat Suwathanpornkul
  • Wanchai Panjan
Keywords: Strategy, human resource development, Royal Thai Police


This research Studying the real conditions Creating and assessing RTP human resource development strategies. This study was a combination of quantitative and qualitative research approaches. The methodology was divided into two the following steps Studying the conditions and needs for developing human resources by using questionnaires to interview 347 and Creating and assessing human resource development strategies by using the focus group with nine academic and professional experts. The findings revealed the following: Needs for developing RTP human resource development strategies are high and personnel wanted to develop human resources and human resource development strategies consisted of the area of training and development and the area of career development. Strategy assessment results found assessments to be suitable, feasible, beneficial and accurate. Furthermore, the strategies can be implemented in official Royal Thai Police affairs.


            The results of the research revealed that (1) The need for human resource development of the Royal Thai Police was at a high level and the personnel of the Royal Thai Police had a need for human resource development. (2) Human resource development strategy of the Royal Thai Police National consists of training and development. In career development and with the results of the strategy evaluation found that Is suitable The possibility The usefulness and accuracy can be used in the service of the Royal Thai Police.


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