Early childhood educational management over the next two decades


  • Klinkaew Mata
  • Chuanchom Cinatangkul
  • Kamolmal Chaisirithanya


early childhood educational management, future of early childhood education, next two decades


             The purpose of this research was to study childhood educational management in the next two decades. The research procedures comprised of three phases. First, the research was conducted by Ethnographic Delphi Futures Research: EDFR technique; second, future wheel technique was performed; and third, cross impact analysis was done. The respondents were 17 educational experts in three related groups: policy and planning, academics, and school administrators in early childhood educational administration. The instruments used for data collection included 1) semi-structured interview form based on the early childhood educational administration in the next two 2 decades; and 2) Likert’s five-rating scale questionnaire. The statistics used for data analysis were median, correlation coefficient, and inter quartile range, mean, standard deviation, closed impact analysis and content analysis were also used.

               The results were revealed that there were nine aspects of the future of early childhood educational management over the next two decades, which were 1) early childhood curriculum for 5 items; 2) early childhood experience providing for 8 items; 3) quality of early childhood teacher for 5 items; 4) early childhood teacher institution for 5 items, 5) early childhood health and safety care service for 5 items; 6) environment for 5 items; 7) related persons of early childhood interaction for 5 items; 8) early childhood educational leadership for 5 items; and 9) related organization of early childhood for 5 items. From the future wheel technique and cross impact analysis, it was found that all of them were highly likely to trend in the next two decades.


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