A Study of Problem States and Guidelines for the Dissemination of Scientific Local Wisdom of Community Food Products in the Upper Central Region


  • Daorathar Weerapan Science Education Department, Valaya Alongkorn Rajabhat University Under the Royal Patronage
  • Sasamol Phasuk Science Education Department, Valaya Alongkorn Rajabhat University Under the Royal Patronage
  • Pannraphat Takolpuckdee Science Education Department, Valaya Alongkorn Rajabhat University Under the Royal Patronage
  • Thidarat Kulnattarawong Faculty of Technical Education, Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi


problem state, scientific local wisdom, local wisdom dissemination


             The research examined problem states and guidelines for disseminating scientific local wisdom regarding community food products in the upper central region. The experts were 60 participants, including 1) Pattana Baan Mae La housewife group, Sing Buri province; 2) Tah Kaopoad farmer housewife group, Chai Nat province; 3) Farmer housewife group, Moo 2, Lopburi province; 4) Ban Lum pickled fish group, Saraburi province; 5) Ri Phattana farmer housewife group, Ang Thong province; and 6) Ruamjai Pattana processing community, Phra Nakorn Si Ayutthaya. Data were collected by in-depth interviews and focus group discussions. Content analysis was employed to analyze the data and provide descriptive information. The results revealed that the problematic state of scientific local wisdom dissemination of community food products was the lack of knowledge gathering and transferring in systematic way. The local wisdom was disseminated by teaching the families. Disseminators did not know the scientific principles and theories of food preservation. They were told to practice and gained direct experience by continually passing down the knowledge from generation to generation. Young people in the community were less interested in gaining local wisdom due to their full-time jobs in town. The guidelines for promoting local wisdom should entail the adjustment of dissemination methods which can be accessed and learned at all times. It is suggested to combine the traditional way with the modern way that explains the principles of science knowledge together with local wisdom. Learning should be achieved through demonstrating the production processes and self-studying though QR code technology as a media linking to web applications and through virtual technology from brand product stickers. The information should be presented in video and multimedia displayed in Thai and English.


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