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How to References  Dowload

Citation in content and writing a list of references

References in the content use the noun-year system.


References in content




1 author

Thai People

  (name/surname,/year of publication)

Pornphan Chandaeng (2014)

(Ponphan Chandaeng, 2014)


Surname/(Year of publication)


  (surname,/year of publication)

2 authors



Thai People

Name/surname of the 1st and 2nd person/(year of publication)

(First name/last name and second person,/year of publication)

Waraporn Chaowisit and Suwalai Klangdee (1989)

(Waraporn Chaowisit and Suwalai Klangdee, 1989)


  (1st surname,/year of publication/&2nd surname,/year of publication)

Armstrong and Kotler (2015)

(Armstrong & Kotler, 2015)

3-5 authors

Thai People

Name/surname of person 1,/name/surname of the person who 2,/name/surname of the person who 3,/name/surname of the person who 4,/and the last name of the 5/(year of publication)

First Reference

Suwaree Charoenmukyanan, Thavorn Sakulpanich, Patchanee Thamwanna, Anuchit Sawangjaeng, and Natthida Sukruangrong (2013)

(name/surname of the person who 1,/name/surname of the person who 2,/name/surname of the person who 3,/name/surname of the person who 4,/and the last name of the 5/,/year of publication)

First Reference

(Suwaree Charoenmukyanan, Thaworn Sakulphanich, Patchanee Thammawanna, Anuchit Sawangchaeng, and Natthida Suk Rueangrong, 2013)

2nd reference onwards

Suwaree Charoenmukyanan and colleagues (2013)

2nd Reference Onwards

(Suwaree Charoenmukhanan et al., 2013)



1st surname,/ 2nd surname,/ 3rd surname,/4th surname,/and/ 5th surname (year of publication)

First Reference

Sumngern, Azeredo, Subgranon, Matos, and Kijjoa (2011)

(1st surname,/ 2nd surname,/ 3rd surname,/ 4th surname,/& 5th surname,//year of publication)

first reference

(Sumngern, Azeredo, Subgranon, Matos, & Kijjoa, 2011)

2nd Reference Onwards

Sumngern et al. (2011)

2nd Reference Onwards

(Sumngern et al., 2011)

More than
6 people or more

Thai People

1st author/and faculty/(year of publication)

(Author at 1/et al.,/Year of publication)

Paweena Sudsomjai and her team (2012)

(Paweena Sudsomjai et al., 2012)


Mercer et al. (2004)

(Mercer et al., 2004)

ผู้แต่งมี บรรดาศักดิ์ ยศฐานันดรศักดิ์

Thai People

Name-surname,/title rank/(year of publication)


(name-surname,/title rank,/year of publication)

(Kukrit Pramoj, MR., 1981)

Note: If the author has a leading academic position Do not put a prefix
For example, Mr. Mrs. Miss Assoc. Prof. Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, Police Officer Mr. Mrs. Miss Dr. Prof., etc.



Thai People/

Use the same format as one author.


Thai People/Abroad

Use the same format as one author.

The author is an organization such as an office, organization, etc.

Thai People

first reference

Ministry of Education (M.Ed., 1999)

First Reference

(Ministry of Education [MOE], 1999)

2nd reference onwards

MBA (1999)

2nd Reference Onwards

(Mor., 1999)


First Reference

World Health Organization (WHO, 1999)

First Reference

(World Health Organization [WHO], 1999)

2nd Reference Onwards

WHO (1999)

2nd Reference Onwards

(WHO, 1999)



Use the same format as one author.

In the case of works without the name of the author or the name of the editor, always sign the title instead of the name of the author.


“Title” or “Article Title”/(Public Year)

"Wisdom of Thai folk healers" (2002)

(“Title” or “Article Title,”/Public Year)

"Wisdom of Thai folk healers," 2002)


“Title” or “Article Title”/(Public Year)

“Art of display: Culture shows” (2010)

(“Title” or “Article Title,”/Public Year)

(“Art of display: Culture shows,” 2010)

Note: The “/ ” sign means knocking the spacer 1 knock.

In the case of reference page numbers can be marked in parentheses of that particular year by inserting a comma ( , ) and hitting space 1 time, followed by n. (in the case of references in Thai) or p. pp. (in the case of multiple consecutive pages of a document in English) and tap the space once before inserting the page number and closing the parentheses. For example:

            Sumngern, Azeredo, Subgranon, Matos, and Kijjoa (2011, p. 98)

            Mercer et al. (2004, pp. 20-22)

Writing a list of references

* All reference lists must be arranged alphabetically in English. under the heading References

** Thai version of the book type, the reference document must be translated from Thai to English and “(in Thai)” must be added at the end of the reference document.

*** When the bibliography entry is on the 2nd line, tap 8 spaces, tap or compare from the upper line characters to start typing at the 8th letter.

Type Reference list at the end of the article

General Book

1 Author

Surname,/Acronym of name./(Year of publication)./Title/(First Edition)./Place of publication:/Publisher

Jandeang, P. (2014). Modern library. Bangkok: Se-Ed Education. (in Thai)

Daniel, W. W. (2013). Biostatistics: Basic concepts and methodology for the health sciences (9th ed.).
New York: John Wiley & Sons.

Note: If there is no published year, please enter (n.d.).

2 Authors

Surname,/First name abbreviation,/ & surname,/First name abbreviation 2./(year of publication)./title/(first edition)./Place of publication:/Publisher.

Armstrong, G., & Kotler, P. (2015). Marketing: An introduction (12th ed). New Jersey: Pearson Education.

Chaovinit, V., & Krankwamdee, S. (1989). Linear control system analysis and design program II. Bangkok: Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University. (in Thai)

3-5 Authors





surname, / abbreviation of the person's name 1,/last name,/abbreviated name of person 2,/last name,/ initials of the person's name 3,/surname,/abbreviated person's name 4,/& surname,/abbreviated person's name 5./(year of publication)./title/(first edition)./Place of publication:/Publisher.

Bellingham, D., Whittaker, C., & Grant, J. (2002). Myths and legends. London: Quantum Books.

Serirat, S., Serirat, S., Mechinda, P., Anuwichanont, J., & Lertwannavit, A. (2017). Marketing management. Bangkok: Thammasarn. (in Thai)

More than 6 Authors

Surname, / abbreviation of the person's name 1,/last name,/abbreviated name of person 2,/last name,/ initials of the person's name 3,/last name,/ initials of the person's name 4,/last name,/ initials of the person's name 5,/last name,/ initials of the person's name 6,/…/last name,/last name initials./(year of publication)./title/(first edition)./Place of publication:/Publisher.

Auorean, P., Tagoonkit, S., Jaidee, P., Keaitrat, W., PiemSawai, S., Kronkarnrian, V., … KanokJam, B. (2010). Management information system for CEO (3rd ed.). Bangkok: CEO Press. (in Thai)

Crawley, R. B., Dockery, L. M., Branson, T. S., Carmichael, L. E., Carson, J. C., Findlay, A. F., … Smith, D. M. (2015). Manor houses of the early 1900s. London, England: Taylor & Francis.

The author uses a pseudonym.

Alias ​​name./(Year of publication)./Title/(First Edition)./Place of publication:/Publisher.

Kingchut. (2018). Rose touches heart. Bangkok: Lukangoon. (in Thai)

Editor, Editor
or Collector

Surname,/Acronym of name./(Bor.)./(Public Year)./Title/(First Edition)./Place of publication:/Publisher

Dechakup, P. (Ed.). (2002). Learner-centered instruction: Concepts, methods and teaching techniques. Bangkok: Institute of Academic Development. (in Thai)

Murthy, S. N. (Ed.). (2011). Dermatokinetics of therapeutic agents. Boca Raton, NM: CRC Press.

Note: Include “Ed.” for one editor, or “Eds.” for two or more editors.

The author is an agency such as an office, organization, agency.


Electronic Transactions Development Agency. (2020). Report of the survey of internet user behavior in Thailand, 2019. Bangkok: Ministry of Digital Economy and Society. (in Thai)

World Health Organization. (2018). World health statistics 2013. Geneva, Switzerland: Author.

Translation Book

Name of the original author./(Year of publication)./Title of translation/[Original name]/(Name of translator,/Trans.)./(Year of publication)./Place of publication:/Publisher

Campbell, J., & Moyers, B. (2008). The power of myth (B. Boonsong, Trans.) Bangkok: Amarin. (in Thai)

Note - if the translated title and the original name is the same to be worn only once

“Trans.” Abbreviated “Translator(s)” (Translator) | “Comp.” Abbreviated “Complier” (composer).

In the case of works without the author's name or editor's name Instead, sign the subject.
Author's name

Title/(First Edition)./(Publication Year)./Place of Publication:/Publisher

Art of display: Culture shows. (2010). Hong Kong: Links International.

Book article

Chapter in the book

Meeting Minutes (Proceeding)

Last name,/Abbreviation of name./(Year of publication)./Name of article or chapter./In or in name of editor (Ed. or Eds.),/Name of book or Name of the meeting/(N. or p. or pp. page number)./Place of publication:/Publisher.


Examples of articles in a book

Bourdieu, P. (1986). The forms of capital. In J. Richardson (Ed.), Handbook of theory and research for the sociology of education (pp. 241-258). New York: Greenwood.

Stufflebeam, D. L. (2000). The CIPP model for evaluation. In D. L. Stufflebeam, G. F. Madaus, and T. Kellaghan (Eds.), Evaluation models: Evaluation in education and human services (pp. 279-317). Dordrecht: Springer.


Sample Minutes

Junjunan, I. M. (2021). Working during the pandemic: The effect of work passion on happiness at work while working at home during the Covid-19 pandemic. In M. Mamat, B. Foster, H. D. M. Ma'soem, and A. Aziz Abdullah (Eds.), Proceeding of First International Conference on Science, Technology, Engineering and Industrial Revolution (ICSTEIR 2020) (pp. 65-69). Indonesia: Atlantis Press.

Note: The name of the meeting minutes is capitalized in every word.

Except for conjunctions or prepositions such as a, an, or, not, on, the, in, at, and etc.

and must mark the page number in parentheses at the end of the name of the meeting as well

Editor's name will be written in the usual order but only shorten the title of the page

For example, Michael Carrick would write M. Carrick.

Ed. means one editor | Eds. means two or more editors


Surname,/Abbreviation of name./(Year of publication)./Title/(Doctoral dissertation or Master's thesis)./Name of institution,/Place of publication.

Angkurawongwatana, A. (2018). Sustainable cultural tourism development using the potential of Lanna local wisdom (Doctoral dissertation). Rangsit University, Pathum Thani. (in Thai)

Rouythanasombat, P. (2015). Study of online shopping behavior and factors affecting consumer’ purchase intention for different generations: Gen Y, Gen X, baby boomer (Master’s thesis). Thammasat University, Bangkok. (in Thai)

Note: The thesis level must be entered according to the level of the degree.
Ph.D. thesis Enter “Doctoral dissertation”

Master's thesis Enter “Master’s thesis”

For bachelor's thesis or bachelor's thesis, enter “Bachelor’s thesis”.


Last name,/Abbreviation of name./(Year of publication)./Title/(Research report)./Place of publication:/Publisher

Singkram, P. (2016). The development of cultural tourism potential of Phi Phi pier fisheries market community Bang Pla Soi Subdistrict, Mueang District, Chonburi Province (Research report). Chonburi: Institute of Physical Education. (in Thai)

Remarks Title of book or title of journal article will start the title with a capital letter in the first word and always after the colon ( : )
except in the case of specific names, names of people, animals, things, places, cities, countries, etc.

Examples of titles with specific words, city names, provinces, for example:

English activity camp for improving listening and speaking skill for communication and reinforcing attitude in English subject of Matthayom 4 Students at Nanthaburi Wittaya, Mueng District, Nan Province

Role of the village headman: Case study of Khlong Hoi Khong District. Songkhla Province


Note: If the author and publisher are the same Can list in the publishing section with the word "Author"

If there is a number of prints from the second or more times, list them as well. by adding parentheses after the title

For example, type 2, replace it with 2nd ed.

​3rd printing, replace with 3rd ed.

​4th printing, replace with 4th ed.

 If inserting publisher information, remove the words Publishing / Publisher / Company Limited / Inc. / Co. / Ltd. /.

Except in the case of printing houses, the word “Press” can be added at the end, including publishers belonging to agencies or universities such as Chulalongkorn University Press. (Chulalongkorn University Printing House) / Printing House of Chulalongkorn University (Chulalongkorn University Press), etc.

If the year of publication is unknown You can list that part as “n.d.” instead of the year of publication in parentheses.

If the printing location is unknown or publisher You can list that part as “n.p.”

Journal Articles

Last name/abbreviated name/(year of publication)./Article title./Journal name,/Year number (Issue number),/Page number.

Chamnian, M. (2019). Community identity communication for tourism promotion. Journal of Management and Development Ubon Ratchathani Rajabhat University, 6(1), 235-256. (in Thai)

Joshi, A., Kale, S., Chandel, S., & Pal, D. K. (2015). Likert scale: Explored and explained. British Journal of Applied Science & Technology, 7(4), 396–403.

Orsini, C., & Rodrigues, V. (2020). Supporting motivation in teams working remotely: The role of basic psychological needs. Medical Teacher, 42(7), 828-829.

Note: Article titles will use the same writing rules as general book titles.

Journal Name Write the full name of the journal. and type the first of uppercase except for lowercase prepositions such as of, and, the, an

Articles without author's name or the author of the article


New digital innovation Thailand era 4.0 of superior service. (2017). Justice Journal, 17(1), 70-71. (in Thai)

Note: The year in the journal article will use the word “Volume” or “Vol.” and the edition will use the word “Issue”.


Surname,/abbreviated name./(year,/month/day)./name of article./name of newspaper,/n. or p. or pp./page number.

Boonlert, P. (2018, August 15). Dailynews varity: ‘Museum media’ connect era to ‘new dimension’ intend. Dailynews, 4. (in Thai)

Online Newspaper

สกุล,/อักษรย่อชื่อ./(ปี,/เดือน/วัน)./ชื่อบทความ./ชื่อหนังสือพิมพ์./Retrieved from/URL.

Broody, J. E. (2007, December 17). Mental reserves keep brain agile. The New Yorks Times. Retrieved from


Note: In case there is no published date, enter (n.d.)

Information from website

Last name,/Author's initials or the name of the agency affiliated with that./(year)./article title./Retrieved month day, year, from/URL.

Department of National Parks wild animals and plants. (2015). The statistic of tourists in national parks in 2013. Retrieved March 3, 2015, from
(in Thai)

United Nation. (2020). World population ageing 2020 highlights. Retrieved March 18, 2021, from


Note Retrieved means "retrieved when".