Publication ethics of Journals Education Academic of Chiang Rai Rajabhat University


The roles and duties of the authors (Duties of Authors)

  1. Authors must certify that the academic work or research work submitted is it is a new work and has never been published anywhere else. Articles must not be duplicated including not bringing the manuscript that is still in the evaluation process of the journal to other journals.
  2. Authors must not copy the works and messages of others to cause the misunderstanding that it is their own works or writings with reference to the work of others If the work is used in their own articles
  3. Authors must not create false information or falsify, decorate the information and write it in the article.
  4. Authors must pay attention to the writing style of the article as specified by the journal, especially the reference writing style.
  5. Authors must identify the source of funding that supports the research in the manuscript and specify only the name of the author or person related to that research article only In the case of a co-author whose name appears in the article must be a person who participates in the actual article writing process.
  6. Authors must notify the editor immediately if there is any mistake in the research affecting the research summary of manuscripts in the evaluation process or articles already published.
  7. If the research article, Is it a human or animal research? Authors must attach a certificate of ethics from the human or animal research committee with the manuscript.


Roles and Duties of Journal Editors (Duties of Editors)

  1. Editors adhere to international ethical principles when publishing journal articles. and focus on preventing conflicts of interest between editors. Journal staff, author, article evaluator and editorial board member
  2. Editors are responsible for publishing up-to-date recommendations for preparing articles for authors as editors expect.
  3. Editors support the academic validity of articles published in journals by

     3.1 Actions are taken to ensure the quality of published research. by focusing on the new and clarity of research articles as well as related to the scope of the journal

     3.2 There is a process for reviewing articles from article reviewers who are proficient in the content of articles. There is also a confidentiality system during the evaluation process. And there is a system to protect the personal information of the reviewers.

     3.3 If any inaccuracies are found in an academic article that has already been published including there are sentences that lead to misunderstandings or a report that misrepresents the facts Editors must make corrections promptly and with clarity.

     3.4 If fraudulent behavior is found after the investigation Editors must proceed with the withdrawal of the article with the clarity that can be proven as well as provide a notice of revocation for readers and other database systems to know

  1. Editors must seriously review articles for plagiarism.
  2. Editors must not change their decision to accept articles that have been rejected for publication and did not reverse the decision to publish an article that the previous editor had already rejected unless there is proof of serious problems that arise.
  3. Editors provide channels for authors to appeal. If the author's opinion differs from the editor's decision including giving explanations or providing information about the peer review process
  4. Editors prepare complaint channels and responding to complaints as quickly as possible.


Roles and Duties of Duties of Reviewers. (Duties of Reviewers)

  1. When Reviewers receives an article from a journal editor and the article evaluator realizes that they may have conflicts of interest with the author, for example being a project participant or know the author personally or other reasons preventing independent comments and suggestions. Reviewer should notify the journal editor and refuse to evaluate the article.
  2. Reviewers should be evaluated in their field of expertise by considering the importance of the content of the article to the field of study, the quality of the analysis and the concentration of the work unsupported personal opinions should not be used as a basis for judging articles.
  3. Reviewers must identify key research findings and correspond to the article being evaluated but The Author did not refer to the evaluation of the article either in order to increase the academic value of the article. In addition, if there are any parts of the article that are similar or duplicates of other works. Reviewers must also notify the editors.
  4. Reviewer must maintain confidentiality and not disclose certain information or all parts of the article submitted for consideration to other persons not involved during the period of article evaluation. (Confidentiality)