About the Journal

ISSN: 2697-6285 (Online)

Journal of Social Sciences: Policy and laws related to health / medicine/ and public health

Journal Abbreviation: P.H. Policy & Law

Schedule to be issued:

      Issue 1   January - April

      Issue 2   May-August

      Issue 3  September-December



1. To disseminate knowledge, research results, useful comments in academic, public policy, rule, standard of practice , measure and laws related to medicine, health, public health and social welfare.

2. To be a mediator for exchanging ideas and opinions on health and public health policies and laws

3. To encourage experts, faculty, academicians and students, both inside and outside the institution, to publish academic works


Call for Paper

 Call for paper throughout the year.  Article submitted by the author must be written according to the guidelines of the journal.  

The editorial board does not reserve the right to reference-copy contents according to the academic principles in the articles for educational  purposes, but the content of article had been cited the source completely

Contact editor:  Prof.Dr.Nithat Sirichotiratana,  the Department of Public Health Administration. Faculty of Public Health,  Mahidol University

Double Bline Review:

Every article will be considered reviews by at least 2 experts in the field, prior to publishing manuscript in the  Public Health Policy and Laws Journal.

Articles published in the Journal of Health and Public Health Law, are personal opinions of the authors and do not reflect, or obligate editors' endorsement.  

The editorial board does not reserve the right to copy content, according to the academic principles in the articles, but credits and citation should be referred to the source accordingly.