Publication Ethics

Policy of ethical standards of the Public Health Policy and Laws Journal

     Academic articles and research articles to disseminate knowledge in this journal:

     -  at least  2 peer reviewers (double blind review) who appointed with expertise related to the content  for considering the quality, 

     -  all reviewers will not have any conflicts of interest with those who write an article as well as the published article must not be repetitive. (duplication / plagiarism) with the work of both yourself and others

Ethics of Article Authors:

      - The author must not bring any information or information that has been published by others without reference to them, and if brought, must have an appropriate amount and size. Assembled in the article Must have complete references in both the content and at the end of the article.

      - The author's article must be a new piece of work that has never been published or published in any form before and does not submit the same article for publication in other formats or other journals.

      - The names of all the authors appearing in the article must be those who have participated in academic work or research and are responsible for reporting the true data. No information distortion in the article

Editorial ethical standards

  • The editorial team creates journals in accordance with the objectives of the journal and the needs of the target audience, both readers and authors.
  • The editorial team constantly improves the quality of journals.
  • The editorial team emphasizes the accuracy of articles in journals.
  • The editors are ready to give explanations or provide information about the review process and assess the articles including any discrepancies that may arise from the specified inspection process
  • The editors publish advice to all authors that they should be aware of and recommendations are always updated
  • Editors produce an evaluation form for academic articles for article evaluators and recommendations.
  • The editor has a system that protects the personal information of the article appraiser.
  • The editor has a system that ensures that articles submitted to journals will be concealed during the evaluation process
  • The editors proceed according to the work process of the journal.
  • Editors respond to complaints promptly and allow the complainant to make another complaint if they are not satisfied