Digital Marketing Communication of Shopee that influence The Consumer Decision Process

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Sutawan Vapeevuttikorn
Chuenjit Changchenkit


The digital world plays a huge role in everyday life; therefore, it affects the business, in which buyers and sellers can contact each other easily, resulting in efficiency in speed and cost reduction in various aspects of consumers' purchasing decisions. The E-Commerce market in Thailand continues to expand continuously. As a study in this growing market will show consumers' behavior in buying decisions. Shopee is a well-known online store; therefore, it has digital marketing communication. However, to make a purchase through a website or application requires effective communication, which is also important in order to make consumer decision process. The sample group in this research is those who have experience in making the purchase and / or services through the Shopee website or application in the past one year. Research instruments are questionnaires and interview forms. The results showed that the opinions of consumers in the consumer decision process were at a high level of agreement. There is a high level of perception in digital marketing communications and digital marketing communication perception., Shopee online stores has a positive relationship with the consumer decision process.


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