A Model of Quality Cycle on Administration of Schools Under the Bangkok Primary Education Service Area Office

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Chonmanee Silanookit
Amnuay Thongprong
Rangsan Maneelek
Suwat Viwattananon


The researcher examines the current conditions and the problem of school administration by reference to a quality cycle; the construction of a quality cycle model; and has the model evaluated for appropriateness. The research instruments consisted of an interview form and a questionnaire. Using techniques of descriptive statistics in analyzing the data collected, the researcher analyzed the data collected in terms of percentage, mean and standard deviation.

Findings are as follows:

1. The current conditions and problems in the administration of schools using the quality cycle as based on the framework developed by William Edwards Deming (PDCA) framework. The adopted framework involved efforts to satisfy standards of efficiency on the basis of the Situation, and checking revealed that administrations were not up to date.

2. Model of school administration by implementing quality cycle under the Office of Educational Service Area, Bangkok, consists of the principles, concepts, objective of the model and six aspects of school management, which overall are in high level.

3. The evaluation of the model constructed by the researcher, it was found that the model exhibited appropriateness at the highest level. Finally, its internal congruence, feasibility, and usefulness displayed at a high level.


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Silanookit, C., Thongprong, A., Maneelek, R., & Viwattananon, S. (2020). A Model of Quality Cycle on Administration of Schools Under the Bangkok Primary Education Service Area Office. Ph.D. In Social Sciences Journal, 10(1), 43–58. Retrieved from https://so05.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/phdssj/article/view/183665
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