The Development of Training Program for Improving Efficiency of Quality Management System Utilized by Head of Academic Department in Secondary School

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Suwat Viwattananon
Punya Sirichot


The objective of this research is to study the needs of developing a quality management system for enhancing and evaluating the quality-improvement training program for improving efficiency of quality management system utilized by head of academic department in secondary school. The study was conducted by adopting the mixed-methods research.

The research found that;

1. The efficiency of quality management system of head of academic department in secondary school are planning, organizing, cooperating and assessing. Moreover, the components reflecting competency of quality management system overall were rated as high in every aspects,

2. The elements required in training program included (1) background of rational criteria (2) concept and goal (3) objective (4) curriculum framework (5) scheduled activity and duration (6) instructional media, and (7) evaluation. For the training instruction, it should consist of (1) preface (2) training program development guideline, and(3) course syllabus and worksheet. The finding showed the overall appropriateness as high and Content Validity Index (CVI) as equal to .80.

3. The curriculum was considered practical in developing and enhancing the efficiency of quality management system of the population, showing higher Arithmetic Mean after joining the training statistically significant as .05.


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