Conflict management on the performance of permanent secretary of the local government organization in Angthong province

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Adisorn Pusara


          This purposes of this research were 1) to study conflict management method on the performance and 2) to compare conflict management method on the performance based on status of permanent secretary of the local government organization in Angthong province. Research populations were 65 of the permanent secretaries who were working in the local government organization in Angthong province. Instruments for collecting information were multiple choices questionnaires. Statistics used in data analysis were frequency value, percentage, and chi-square test. The results revealed as followings. First, most of the permanent secretary in the local government organization used conflict management method on the performance of the president of the local government organization and council members of local government organization by competition method. Conflict management coped with internal staff of local government organization and people in the community by collaboration method. Second, permanent secretary in the local government organization who had different status, also had different conflict management methods. Female permanent secretaries used avoidance method, permanent secretaries whose age over 50 year old used competition and accommodation method, permanent secretaries with service age more than 20 years used competition method, and permanent secretaries with master or doctoral degree always used competition method.


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บทความวิจัย (Research article)


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