People's perception of the environmentally friendly hotel business in Chonburi province

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Sompong Aussawariyathipat


          This research was a combination study of qualitative and quantitative research method. The purposes of the research were 1) to study the environment management status of hotel business in Chonburi province, 2) to study and compare people's perceptions of environmentally friendly hotel business in Chonburi province, classified by gender, age, marital status, education level, career, and average monthly income. The sample used in this study was divided into 2 groups, 1) the data providers for qualitative study from 7 hotel business operators, 2) 400 residents of Chonburi province. The instruments used in the study were semi-structured interview and questionnaires with five levels. The statistics used for data analysis were percentage, mean, and standard deviation. To compare the differences of the data, the t-test and the F-test were used. The research findings were as followings.

          1. The data analysis results of hotel business management in Chonburi province showed that hotels in the area of Chonburi province focused and operated on environmentally friendly hotel business according to guideline and policy in business operation. The hotels had activities with external organizations, both community and organizations from government and private sector. In some cases, they organized activities and collaborated with nearby communities. Competition of hotels in the Chonburi province is fierce competition because new hotels are constantly emerging. At present, the environment in Chonburi province has changed dramatically from the past due to urban development with the expansion of the city from the original. The hotels have actions on environmentally friendly activities that involve guests such as energy saving and water conservation. The hotels have impression that operating the hotel under environmentally friendly policy can help create the image of the hotel.

          2. People's perception of the environmentally friendly hotel business in Chonburi province in perspective was at high level in all aspects.

          3. People with different genders, age, marital status, education levels, occupations, and average monthly income had perceptions of the environmentally friendly hotel business overall no significantly difference.


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