About Suratthani Rajabhat Journal

          Suratthani Rajabhat Journal is a journal that publishes academic articles, research articles, review articles, book reviews, and editorials. There are 2 issues per year: January-June and July-December. Articles must be prepared correctly in accordance with academic journals and through the consideration from 2 experts in the areas with a double blinded review.

Objectives of Publication

      1. To promote and disseminate knowledge for local development

      2. To develop the research system and promote the dissemination of research results at the graduate level

Work to be printed

      1. An article in the Humanities and Social Sciences group which is related to Political Science, Interdisciplinary work, Public Administration, and other sciences associated work

      2. Articles submitted must never have been published or be in the process of being published in a journal, reports or other publicationss.

      3. The original works can be written in Thai or English. They must have abstracts in both Thai and English.

      4. Content, articles or comments published in journals are the opinions of the author only. The editorial department does not need to agree.

      5. The manuscript must be screened by editors and 2 experts before publication.

Publication Frequency

          Suratthani Rajabhat Journal having publication frequency 2 issue per year

          Vol…..No 1 publication on January – June

          Vol…..No 2 publication on July – December

Types of articles

Academic articles, research articles, review articles, and book reviews, both Thai and English