Guidelines for the Development of Political Participation of Community Committee, Langsuan Municipality, Langsuan District, Chomphon Province

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จิรพงษ์ พัฒนประดิษฐ


This research aimed to study problems and develop guidelines for the development of political participation of Langsuan municipality community committee, Langsuan District, Chumphon Province. The samples were Langsuan municipality community committee. The research tools included focus group discussion and AIC process.

The research results found that problems of political participation of Langsuan municipality community committee were affected by rural influential persons including their own attitude towards outdated political culture. The election was biased by family relationship while ability of the competitive candidates was neglected. The issues also included vote buying and feeling of election only benefit a group of politicians, and going for voting was waste their time and uncomfortable. There were problems on the lack of knowledge about election law to promote people go for election as well as the lack of knowledge to manage their community. Doing political activities were found to be difficult and there were no leaders to gather people. Promoting political group activities was to give knowledge and understanding about politics. It was necessary to create a good leader, provide multimedia information, organize campaign about politics in school to promote democratic culture, spread the news on radio and local radio, raise awareness among people, organize monthly meeting within community committee, provide sport games in association with democracy system, and set up a group to evaluate municipality management. This recommendation led to develop participation and promote democracy of municipality committee of Langsuan.

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