The New Way of Thailand New Normal Tourism

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Thanasin Janthadech


The COVID-19 outbreak had major impacts for many sectors, particularly in the tourism industry due to the closure of the country and the travel suspension. Measures launched during March to May 2020 prohibited people to travel as well as traveling restrictions. However, after the situation was getting better, the policy of bus transportations and domestic flight services opening that made traveling more convenient was announced.  It was interesting to see a new normal way of traveling model occurred after the pandemic, which differed from the past. It could be assumed that the COVID-19 spreading affected people’s everyday life; especially, a scheme of travel and tourism that had to follow security measures such as number of tourist restrictions. This article suggests three models of tourism techniques to make tourism activities more interesting and safe:  Travel in a New Normal, Possible new normal tourism model for fun, and five techniques for traveling like pro through a new normal way.


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