Policy and Purpose

The Rajapark Journal (Humanities and Social Sciences), ISSN: 1905-2243 (print), is an academic journal of the Rajapark Institute. It aims to promote education, research, and knowledge-building and publish research papers and academic articles of high quality by academics, researchers, and students both inside and outside the institute, covering fields of political science, public administration, economics, law, educational administration, business administration, account, management, tourism, art, and creative art. Articles can be submitted in both Thai and English.

Type of article published
Research Articles, and Review Articles.

Submission guidelines for publication
The articles that were submitted for publication in The Rajapark Journal should never be published or should not be under concurrent consideration at another journal. Every article has to go through the quality assessment of the reviewers (at least three specialists in that field) without disclosing the author's name or the name of the reviewer who considered the article (double-blind peer review). There are two kinds of assessments: 1) to be published, and 2) to refuse to publish. The journal has configured the duplication value of work referred from the Copy Catch application of the Thai Journal Reference Index (Thai-Journal Citation Index Center), with research articles not more than 15% and academic articles not more than 10%.

Journal publishing schedule
The journal is scheduled to be published six times a year (2 months for an issue),
1st Issue January–February,
2nd Issue March–April,
3rd Issue May–June,
4th Issue July–August,
5th Issue September–October,
6th Issue November–December.

Article Publishing Fee
The journal sets a fee of 8,000 baht per article, both in Thai and English, to be charged before submitting the article to the reviewers. And pay through Bangkok Bank account, Huamark branch, account name "Rajapark Institute", account number 180-8-017816, and send evidence to e-mail: rjpjournal@gmail.com.


// Any reviews and comments that appear in this journal is the writer's personal opinion. The editorial board is open to freedom of thought. And it's not the editor's responsibility.

// The editorial board reserves the right to modify the original and consider publication in the order of the list submitted to each article. Those interested in publishing can register and download the document on the website. https://www.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/RJPJ/index