Aim and Scope

Rajapark Journal Is a journal of humanities and social sciences That have evaluated the articles before publication the appraiser did not see the name Or information of the author of the article And the author of the article does not know the assessor

Dissemination of academic works covering topics of public administration Executive education, business administration, management, liberal arts, sociology and anthropology, and other related fields. The nature of the articles to be published are:

1. Research article
2. Review article
3. Book review

          The Rajapark Journal The repeat value of the work was determined by Thaijo's CopyCatch program, with research articles not exceeding 15% ​​and academic articles not exceeding 10%.

         The editors have focused on the journal-making process. Since the selection of articles by the editorial department examines the format before submission of experts to consider and screen the articles By inviting experts to evaluate 3 persons per article And a qualified person in a related field of study To meet academic standards In the evaluation, the reviewer was not known, the author and the author did not know the name of the assessor (Double-blind Peer Review).


The Objective

1. To publication-quality academic papers are for students and researchers both inside and outside the institution.

2. To present develop potential and quality academic papers, research, and academic articles of the internal faculty members and also external.

3. To provide social services in the exchange of academic opinions.


     The journal publishes research papers in the fields of humanities and social science is an international, peer-reviewed, open-access journal published six issues a year, in January, March, May, July, September, and November by Rajapak institution.


Editors Contacts:

Rajapark Journal (Humanities and Social Sciences)

Editorial office

No. 68 Soi Nawri, Ramkhamhaeng Road 21, Phlapphla District, Wang Thonglang District Bangkok 10310

Phone 0-2319-6710 ext. 221



        The articles submitted for publication must not be research / academic. Which has been published in any journal before or not in the process of publication of other journals every article published in this journal must be considered by double-blind peer-reviewed per article. The editorial department reserves the right to amend the original and the publication in the first order of the works submitted to every article that the person wishes to publish can register and download the document via the website at