Approaches to Enhance Values of OTOP and to Leverage Tourism Resources to Develop Community Economy: A case study of Srisawat district, Kanchanaburi Province

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The research entitled Approaches to Enhance Values of OTOP And to Leverage Tourism Resources to Develop Community Economy : A Case Study of Srisawat District, Kanchanaburi Province is a qualitative research, using participant observes involved in a focus groups and workshop among people who are responsible for promoting OTOP products and tourism in Srisawat. The participants include public officers, private entrepreneurs, political officers, and community members. The objectives are to study OTOP products and tourism resources in the area, to find how to create value for OTOP products, and to leverage tourism resources. The findings reveal that Srisawat has a variety of OTOP products, including organic vegetables, fruits, and handicrafts. Tourism resources include both natural endowment and man-made attractions.Marketing strategies are needed to create value for OTOP products. Tourism resources can be leveraged by developing several types of tourism. There should be a twelve-month calendar of tourism. Both OTOP products and tourism need are integrated marketing communication campaign telling stories and legends of OTOP products and tourism attractions through various channels, including mass media, digital media, persona, and events.


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