An Analysis of Twelve Values Announced by the Head of National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) of Students in Badminton Course

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This is a descriptive research, aiming to 1) investigate the characteristics of students who registered in the course, “Badminton”, 2) to analyze the developing strategies for the course, “Badminton” in terms of students’ characteristics. Both aims were conducted based on the 12 core values according to the policy of National Council for Peace and Order. The sample group for my research are 1,167 undergraduate students from King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok who registered in the course, “Badminton” in the semester of 2/2557 B.E. Questionnaire was used to collect data and the statistics used for data analysis were percentage, frequency, means and standard deviation. Overall, the reliability of questionnaire is .952. The results stated that the students’ characteristics were in harmony with the 12 core values. Generally, the average means is at the very satisfied level (X ̅=4.16). By considering each aspect, the item concerning the love and loyalty to nation, religion and monarchy has got the highest means at 4.60, followed by the item concerning the utmost gratitude towards parents, guardians and teachers, has got the average means of 4.53. The item about the awareness of graceful Thai culture has got the average means at 3.85, which is the lowest means, though in the satisfied level.


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