The Relationship between Power and Corruption : Case Study of the Loan of Private Sector

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Chalirmsak Sirikul
Boonsom KesaPradit


This research had the goals of (1) studying the relationship between power and corruption: Case study of the loan of private sector, and (2) proposing the recommendations for preventing and prosecuting corruption. This research was a mixed qualitative study. The important tool in the research included the examination of documents, judgments of the Criminal Division for Holders of Political Positions of the Supreme Court, Case No. red 55/2558 on August 26, 2015 and the in-depth interviews with qualified personnel. This research analyzed theory of corruption and analytical methods of the causes of corruption, sociological, political economic and political administration theory, economics of power, capitalist economic power and power network theory. The result of the research showed that 1) Power and power to govern was the cause of corruption because the person possesses the power focused on their own benefit and allies, by making use of their positions, power of law, personal relationship, inside information and double standard. Normally, the starting point was power, and knowledge was created in support of that power. In addition, the corruption would be effective when done together as a network, that everyone benefits. The analysis of the relationship between power and corruption required the interdisciplinary use of a variety of concepts and analytical theories. The explanation of corruption must be considered as a complete picture, because corruption came from various factors, and these might be different in each case. The solving of corruption involved the entire system, because corruption was a product of the system. This case study demonstrated the meaning of governmentality, the administrative art which its meaning was the art of using power to manage a system to take it towards corruption.


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