Political Interference to the Police Using the Provincial Police Region 9 as A Case Study

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Vichai Wichayarubon Wichayarubon


A study of political interference to the police using the provincial police region 9 as a case study were to study the means, factors, and issues as well as guidelines for preventive and corrective action by using quantitative approach and open-ended questions as a research methodology. The results showed that the provincial police region 9 agreed that there was the political interference in general and in individual aspect, especially in the process of performance appraisal. And the legal factors, the influence of politicians, and the group interests contributed to the political interference. In addition, all factors were related to the means of political intervention, especially the influence of politicians. The most affected impact was the development of the police potential. But most of the relationships between the methods of political intervention and the arising problems were low. Only the impact of human resource management stemmed from the result of moderate political interference. The main suggestions for corrective action were that the police at all levels need to adjust attitudes and work for the people, do not seek the advancement from the influencers and politicians. In addition, the police should be restructured to be as an independent organization for unity in police administration.

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