Participation of the Community Committee in Environmental Care of Community in Bangkholaem District, Bangkok

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Acting Sub Lt. Javalit Ketmongkhonsit



The purposes of this study were to study the level of Participation of the Community Committee in Environmental Care of Bangkholaem, Bangkok.  And study to Relationship factors and of participation of the community committee in environmental Care.  Finally, it studied factors affecting participation of the community committee. The sample of 165 persons was selected by proportional stratified random sampling Yamanes from community committee in Bangkholaem.  The questionnaire is a tool for researching and analyzing data. By using statistical software to analyze data. Statistical tools employed for analysis data were percentage, mean, standard deviation, t-test and Oneway ANOVA, at the .05 level of significance. The study indicated that the level of participation of the community committee in environmental care was at a high level. The factors affecting the participation of the community committee were gender and information about the environment while age, level of Study career, income, duration of living in the community Knowledge about the environment and the benefits expected to be received Does not affect the participation of community committee.









1อาจารย์, สาขาวิชารัฐประศาสนศาสตร์ คณะบริหารธุรกิจ และบริหารรัฐกิจ มหาวิทยาลัยเวสเทิร์น


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