Strategies to Increase the revenue of Town municipality in Central Region

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ธเนศ เก่งเกียรติชัย
อำนวย บุญรัตนไมตรี
หควณ ชูเพ็ญ
สมเจตน์ พันธุโฆษิต


The purposes of this research were: to study the attitude, to compare theses, relationship between strategic management and development, to seek guidelines for future strategic, of local administrators and officials towards strategy setting, administrators and officials of the 46 Town municipalities in the central region with 400 samples. The data were synthesized by the quantitative research methodology the study which reveals that; 1 ) Administrators and local officials have in the central region at high level 2) Compared the attitudes of to increase revenue as well as of the academics over the attitude of the officials. 3) Strategies to increase the income of the municipal group of local revenue collection itself. 4) The strategy to improve law and regulations related to revenue collection and public expenditure, and strategy to strengthen measures to increase municipal revenues.


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เก่งเกียรติชัย ธ., บุญรัตนไมตรี อ., ชูเพ็ญ ห., & พันธุโฆษิต ส. (2019). Strategies to Increase the revenue of Town municipality in Central Region. Rajapark Journal, 11(23), 33–42. Retrieved from
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