Analysis of Paritakanathi scripture

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พระศรีสุธรรมมุนี (บุญเทียม ญาณินุโท)


The analytical research on ‘Paritakhanthi’ has the objective for, to echange and inspects Paritakhanthi Scriptures with the Palm Leaves-Inscribed Khmer Version, to translate the Parittakhanthi Scriptures to be Thai language by mean using to help study Paritta chanting, to present the main point ethical behavior Paritta chanting as appear in Paritakhanthi Scriptures and effect for Thai society. The result of research found that; The Paritakhanthi Scriptures have The Paritta chanting has been from ancience times and appears in Ratanasuta by chanting to prevent dangerous 3 items namely, 1. Famine means disaster from starve 2. In human means disaster from unhuman being and giant 3. Illness means disaster from plague. The Paritta as chanting has not protected 3 groups mean 1. The person who do sins with five heaiest punishment 2. The person who to mistake bad for good 3. The person who has not believe poweful of Paritta.


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