Factors to Sustainable Chai Nat Community Fund Management

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Janya Kladlom
Waraporn Subruangthong
Panya Anantathanachai


This paper examined the current situations, problems, and necessities of the establishment and operationalization, factors and conditions that contributed to the outcomes of the sustainable Chai Nat community welfare fund management. This was a qualitative research. The key informants were included of internal auditors and external experts, and community members. The in-depth interviews were adopted as research instrument. The index of Item-Objective Congruency (IOC) and content validity were validated, and then validations were affirmed by the panel of five experts. The variables were then determined. The focus group of 12 participants was carried out to ascertain the validity of the contents. The results demonstrated that most people were aware of the intents of establishing the community welfare fund and recognized that the community needs had risen to solve the challenging circumstances adequately by local people and must be capable of mobilizing their own community welfare funds. In addition, factors and conditions supporting the successful implementations of the community welfare funds had been taken into consideration; tangible serviceability availed to the local people, effective structural mechanisms of the community welfare fund formed up committees to the integrated synergy with other agencies and departments; systematic managements, membership benefit systems, disclosures and compliances, and supports from local people to be a model to other communities in learning were expected. These factors and conditions provided the frameworks and guidelines for community welfare fund management to be coped up exactly and might extend the highest benefits and well-being to all people, communities and parties concerned.


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Kladlom, J., Subruangthong, W., & Anantathanachai, P. (2017). Factors to Sustainable Chai Nat Community Fund Management. Rajapark Journal, 11(24), 290–300. Retrieved from https://so05.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/RJPJ/article/view/172820
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