Measures Appropriate to the Criminal Penalties for the offense Study on Life and body offenses According to the Criminal Code

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Natcha Kakaew
Waraporn Wanapitak


This research aims to study (1) study the background and significance of problems related to age and penalties of juvenile delinquent crimes related to life and body (2) to study the meaning and theories involved. With the criminal offense of children and youth. (3) to study appropriate legal measures regarding juvenile delinquency in criminal and life-related crimes according to Thai and foreign law; (4) to provide guidance and measures to amend relevant laws; Reduce the offense of children and youth. The study of information from journals and articles. The juvenile delinquency is more serious and violent compared to adults. Not afraid of the law The Criminal Code and the Juvenile and Family Court Act 2010 will focus on age criteria as a basis for punishment. And focus on the rehabilitation of children and youth to return to society. Without regard to the behavior and seriousness of children and youth. The researcher found that the enforcement of juvenile offense law It is not appropriate and consistent with current social conditions in the case of serious offense. The researcher recommends that the penalties be amended to keep up with current social conditions so that the law is effective. And afraid to commit an offense for children and youth.


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Kakaew, N., & Wanapitak, W. (2019). Measures Appropriate to the Criminal Penalties for the offense Study on Life and body offenses According to the Criminal Code. Rajapark Journal, 13(29), 41–48. Retrieved from
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