Learning Achievement of Writing Skills on Diphthong (ร หัน) by Using Instructional Package for Grade 3 Students of Settabutr Upathum School

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Anintita Traipak
Supanan Sittilerd


The purposes of this study were 1) to develop the instructional package in teaching combination of writing skills on diphthong (ร หัน) for grade 3 students to have the efficiency criteria 80/80 and 2) to compare learning achievement before and after learning with the instructional package. The research samples are 30 students grade 3 rooms 2 for Settabutr Upathum School. by using cluster sampling. The research instruments used were lesson plans, instructional package and achievement test of writing skills. The data were analyzed by efficiency values, mean, standard deviation and t-test for dependent samples. The research findings were as follows 1) the efficiency of the instructional package was 84.50/83.44 which was higher than 80/80 and 2) learning achievement of writing skills after applying the package was higher than before statistically at the .05 level of significance.



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Traipak, A., & Sittilerd, S. (2020). Learning Achievement of Writing Skills on Diphthong (ร หัน) by Using Instructional Package for Grade 3 Students of Settabutr Upathum School. Rajapark Journal, 14(32), 37–49. Retrieved from https://so05.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/RJPJ/article/view/193780
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