Factors Affecting Employee Savings Decision in Central Bangna Department Store, Bangkok

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Natamon Nanposri
Prayong Meejaisue


This research was conducted to analyze Factors Affecting Employee Savings Decision in Central Bangna Department Store, Bangkok. This research applied the quantitative methods. The population is consisted of a total of 729 employees. The samples were 200 employees derived from all departments. The tools used in the research were questionnaires which were sent to 3 experts to review the content validity. The question was about the definition of the variable. Research checked the reliability of the questionnaire by sending to the 30 non-samples. The reliability of the data measured by Cronbach's alpha coefficient was 0.85 Data were analyzed by the descriptive statistics such as percentage, mean and standard deviation. Research used the inferential statistics to test the hypotheses. The results of the study revealed that the majority of the samples were 132 females, or 66 percent, 63 to 31.5 years old, accounted for 63 percent. 132 respondents had a saving, accounted of 61.50 percent. The remaining 77 had no savings. The most common saving pattern are bank deposit of 98 persons at 49.00 percent. Analysis of Factors Affecting Employee Savings in Central Bangna Department Store Bangkok is divided into 3 factors: (1) The stability of life (2) The financial knowledge and (3) the economic environment. The opinion regarding the saving benefits of the three aspects of the image is rated at a very high level. The correlation coefficient (R) is 0.784 and all factors affecting the employee savings decision can explain the variation of the employee savings decision at the 65.9 percent (R2 = 0.659) at statistical significance of 0.05.

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