Review Literature to Create Knowledge About Innovations in Caring for The Alzheimer's Disease

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Chanyanan Somthawinpongsai
Thitipan Somtawin
Natamon Nanposri


This article is a literature review to create knowledge about innovations in inpatient care. By analyzing the innovative model in caring for the elderly with memory conditions, it was found that the application developed to care for the elderly in the condition of dementia in 4 forms, namely 1) Developing the app to help doctors in treating Alzheimer's patients. 2) Develop games to build knowledge and understanding in daily life. 3) An application to track the activities of the elderly. By using a smartphone 4) compile modules that increase the quality of life innovation in caring for the elderly with dementia in the past. Most of the studies were conducted in foreign contexts, while there were only a small number of studies in Thai social contexts and fragmented studies. Lacking to compile modules that increase the quality of life knowledge and innovations in the care of the elderly with dementia should compile a menu that can help in living according to important needs and needs. In the daily life of patients systematically, including 1) system menu for notifications about daily life such as medication and activities. 2) menu to track the elderly to prevent getting lost using smart 3) games menu to create knowledge and understanding in daily life, such as remembering people in the house, close relatives, friends, birthdays, weddings, ordination ceremonies, graduation days to increase potential The perception of the patient and the quality of life better.

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Somthawinpongsai, C., Somtawin, T., & Nanposri, N. (2021). Review Literature to Create Knowledge About Innovations in Caring for The Alzheimer’s Disease. Rajapark Journal, 15(39), 250–261. Retrieved from
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