Problems Regarding the Establishment of Political Parties under Organic Act on Political Parties B.E. 2560 (2017)

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Pimmaithong Sakdipatphokhin


Although the agglomeration to form a political party is considered a freedom according to the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand B.E. 2017, the establishment of a political party must be carried out by the Organic Act on Political Parties B.E. 2017, which specifies the steps for organizing the political parties by gathering people with the same political ideology, having qualifications, and not having prohibited characteristics as specified by the law of the party to be established. In addition, important documents, such as scheduled budgets, are used to carry out operations as specified in the law. From studying the problems of political party formation under the Organic Act on Political Parties, B.E. 2017, it was found that the state has taken over and supervised the establishment of political parties quite strictly. For example, the requirement that political parties must have an initial capital of not less than one million baht for the benefit of the party's operations, mobilizing the full number of members within the period specified by law and jointly paying money to be the starting fund for the party, annual membership settings, the establishment of party branches in full accordance with the conditions of the law, etc. Even though political parties are not organizations that come to exercise state power or conduct business that may affect the peace and order of the people, for this reason, regulations that are obstacles should be relaxed for the establishment of political parties to support representative democracy to be sustainable.

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