A Research on Questioning Skills Development Process through Metacognition Strategies in Special Chef Model of Teacher Students Nakhon Rachasima Rajabhat University

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The teacher in 21 Century need to have questioning skills to encourage students finds out the answer systematically. To learn metacognition strategy onSpecial Chef Model has been proved that it is able to help teacher students on questioning skill specific deeply with suitable vocabulary and transformative question for inquiring the answer needed. This research aimed to1) develop questioning skills systematic way to find out the answer through learning strategy metacognition, 2) study awareness on questioning skills, and3) study self-efficiency in questioning skill. The sample was 115 teacher students of 4 classes, they were selected, and using the purposive sampling research in experimental design method. The lesson plan metacognition questioning strategy used for treatment, material tasks case study surrounding problem condition also included. Tools for collecting the data 1) rubric for assessment questioning skill, 2) test on awareness knowledge and understanding how to obtain good question, and 3) self-assessment checklist on self-efficiency basic statistic used for analysis the data, frequency mean standard division and percentage.

The results reviewed that;

  1. After teacher students learn through Special Chef Model, their question ability grow up from poor level at first lesson to high level at 5th 84.71%.

  2. The awareness how to ask good question are at high level average 74.98% higher than criteria over than 70%

  3. Self-efficiency on questioning

                 3.1  use question as away to improve student thinking 85.21%

                 3.2  analysis what is good question select vocabulary the right way 84.34%

                 3.3  be a monitor interviewer and good listen 80.00%

                 3.4  identify the  question find out fact or opinion or value

                 3.5  assess student thinking skill

To sum up, student should have opportunity to learn strategy as tools for lesson design in every subject, it influences their awareness.


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