The Impact of Foreign Worker Trade on National Security in Economy, Society and Politics: Case Study in Chaiyaphum Province

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            The objectives of this research were to study 1) the sort of foreign labor mobility, and 2 the antecedents of labor mobility in Chaiyaphum province. Quantitative and qualitative researches were mixed and applied in this research. The sample comprised of 100 entrepreneurs and 100 foreign labors. The research results were as follows.

1. There were four sorts of foreign labors; labors who moved to; 1) work only, 2) work and offer the concealed prostitution, 3) offer prostitution only, and 4) illegally moved in Thailand.

2. Antecedents of foreign labor mobility comprised of 1) personal factor of labors, 2) Employers’ factor, 3) Official factor, and 4) Thai labor factor. The jobs with low status and this situation have brought a lack of labors, Thai economic growth, in addition, had increased the entrepreneurs’ demand for foreign labors.


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