The Encouragement and Developing quality of life of Disabled People Through Community Base Rehabilitation : The Case Study of Eindard Arban Nakhon Ratchasima

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สุภาวดี วิสุวรรณ
วาระดี ชาญวิรัตน์
สิริลักษณ์ โปร่งสันเทียะ



Purposes of this research were 1) to study context of disabled rural people, 2) to learn the development process that emphasis on participation, and 3) to determine the outcome of the process. The 22 families were selected as participants, using purposive sampling where there were disabled people at the age between 2-22 years old at home. The research findings were; 307 disabled people from population of 7,608 people, which mean 4.04% of disabled people. The process was developed to target specific individuals rehabilitation plan. Disabled people received rehabilitation by their families and community members in thinking, planning, targeting, acting and also evaluating.


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