The Development of Academic Collaborative Networks Management Model of Private School in Primary Education under Office of Commission Private Education in the Northeastern

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ศักดิ์ไทย สุรกิจบวร
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     The objectives of this study were to 1) develop an academic collaborative network management model; 2) assess the appropriateness of the developed model and 3) create a manual on the developed model. The study was conducted in a mixed-method research, namely an analysis of relevant documents and researches,
an interview with 8 professionals, a case study of 2 private school licensees from 2 private schools, a 3-round application of Delphi’s modified techniques from 21 experts selected through purposive sampling and an opinion survey from a sample group that consisted of 588 private school licensees, directors, managers and head teachers of academic section for basic education level in private schools in the academic year B.E. 2017, selected through multi-stage sampling. The research tools were an interview form and a 5-level rating scale questionnaire. Statistics implemented in data analysis were mean, standard deviation, percentage, median and interquartile range.
The results of the study found that:
     1. The developed academic collaborative network management model for private schools in basic education level under the Office of the Private Education Commission in the North-eastern Region of Thailand comprised 3 factors, which were 1) 5 sub-factors on academic collaborative network; 2) 6 sub-factors on the process, scope, procedures and approaches in academic collaborative network management;
5 sub-factors in the result.
     2. The overall appropriateness of the developed model was at a high level.
     3. The opinion from expert group meeting confirmed that the author’s manual on the developed model was appropriate,possibility and usefulness for implementation.


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