A A Development Model of Digital Technology for Supporting Entrepreneur

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The objectives of this research are to 1) study of the situation and demand for digital technology and innovations of community enterprise entrepreneurs; 2) develop a model to enhance digital technology to increase market competitiveness for enterprise entrepreneurs. This research is development methodology. was used to collect data from 1) 361 entrepreneurs in Nakhon Ratchasima province, collecting data by questionnaires 2) 40 persons of Academic Business Entrepreneurs and Community leaders, collecting data by focus group discussion. Quantitative data were analyzed by frequency, percentage, mean and standard deviation. Qualitative analysis by content analysis. The findings revealed as follows:

  1. The study of the use of digital technology of the entrepreneurs found

That the most of entrepreneurs used the smartphone as a communication tool. Entrepreneurs have  knowledge of information technology and the online business at low level. Most are just using the Internet to search for information and use Facebook, Line to communicate. Most entrepreneurs want to bring digital technology and innovation into their business. Especially the product promotion. To be able to increase customers and sales, the preferred format is to use social media such as Facebook and e-Market Place that can be used on smartphones. This will make it easier to communicate with customers at any time.

  1. The digital technology development to increase the competitiveness is SMART model, to consist of 5 components: 1) Social media              2) Marketing tools 3) Assistants 4) Publishing by reviewers or photos and 5) Digital technology. The model was assessed by the scholars and guaranteed by public hearing and the result was found at  a very good level.


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