Autonomous Learning: Look in Various Perspectives for Applying

  • Eason Yamalee Rattana Bundit University
Keywords: Autonomous learning, Traditional education, Perception and acceptance of responsibilities


This article focuses on providing knowledge for readers in various aspects of autonomous learning. Particularly, the current educational world values life-time learning. Therefore, it is unavoidable to mention about autonomous learning. This kind of learning occurs if learners have perceptions and accept responsibilities. Interestingly, instructors usually and narrowly scope down autonomous learning. Moreover, some learners are still not ready to let learners have autonomous learning. This is because many instructors are still familiar with traditional way of teaching. Some methods can help learners to have autonomous learning; for example, using technologies to find knowledge or preparing portfolios. Both instructors and learners cannot totally reject responsibilities in creating atmospheres that encourage autonomous learning. Furthermore, the following factors can promote autonomous learning: 1) cultural factors, 2) learning factors and strategic trainings, 3) learning environments and 4) instructors’ roles.


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